Experiments in Araby

Different versions of the Experiments in Araby album are available at different times.
Like computer software that is continually being refined, later versions may differ from earlier versions, in this case depending on the whims of the artist. So if you like what you hear now, get it before it changes- (“upgrades” will probably be available later to those who purchase now.)


OR Order the physical CD at:

Please note that there are longer samples of some songs at cdbaby, but cdbaby presents them in a lower soundquality format.

! Please don't copy the music for your friends. If you do so you are discouraging musicians from creating music. And there might be some music that you would otherwise love, that never will be available because it's not practical to produce music that gets copied, not sold.
Quantity discounts available for orders over 5 units.
Please contact us for any special arrangements you might want for group or public performance.
Sometimes special edits ( Longer/shorter/ or only a portion of a composition etc.) can be make specifically for your performance, by arrangement.
*(The original "Dancer's Version" had a slow hypnotic Chifti Telli presented twice- in a long version and a short version, to provide flexibility for a dancer wishing to use the music for performance.
To make the alblum less redundant for listening to it straight through another slow piece has replaced the short version of Chifti Telli.)

© 1987-2007 G. Olerich


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