A partial list to whom appreciation is extended:

Timonkey-help with studio and mastering
Husain- additional violin in the Carmen Suite
Phyllis Laurie: Webdesign and Graphic Salvation

Thanks to:
Diane Weber - who insisted all her students learn Beledi and ChiftiTelli on Dumbec
Henri Bessicon- for letting me play percussion and learn by Osmosis.
Joesph Pusey- for letting me share in devotion of the muse and treading the tightrope of the middle path.
Angelique Nemeth- support and encouragement early (very early) on- 2.0 is finally here!

Hoacio Cifuentes- for an example of applying balletic standards to middle eastern dance performances.

All the instructors and staff at the Middle Eastern Music and Dance camp: for creating an environment where the casual and serious afficiando both can share the muse and grow.
Armondo and Michael- for giving me the opportunity to play with them
John Bilizekjian and Hank Levin for Ouds and wisdom therof.
Omar Faruk Tekbilek- oops- that’s the next album.
All dance teachers, Samisha, Mesmera/Laurie Rose,Dahlena, Suhaila Salimpour, John Compton, Delilah, Bobby Farrah, Rossah, Sahar, Palika, and many others whose names I can either no longer remember or spell.
Marianne Kappa and the Perfumes of Araby for ongoing encouragement and support.
Professors John Ringold, Dorrance Stalvey, Lucy Vasquez and Alice Martin.
Elton Ahi for his comments and suggestions.

Lots of others for their support and encouragement





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